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Post  YolkaEd on Thu Jun 05, 2008 8:20 am

Want to hear some good stories from yours truly? Well, this is the place! Unfortunatly, you won't read'em here. Instead, follow these links right here to read'em, m'kay?

Futuristical Ed (My first fan-fic, and undoubtly my more grittier and more polular one)

OH! EMM! GEE! (My first one-shot, and without a doubt, the one which balances the most between the T and the M rating)

Ed-Dy-Oh (The fan-fic which indeed proves that I'm a complete geek)

Ed Piece: The Three Little Devils (The first (and so far only) installment in my Ed Piece saga, where I combine two things I cherish the most, and it's NOT ice-cream and buttered toast)

The Angry Video Game Nerd Ain't 4Kids! (My first M story, all in tribute to James Rolfe's masterful genius, and once again a nod to how much I HATE 4Kids)

That's mah stories there. Other projects I'm planning to start is a One Piece fan-fic which combines the story of Pirates of the Caribbean with characters and locations from the One Piece universe, a sequel to Futuristical Ed, and a buttload of other projects. I'm swimming in story ideas! XD

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