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The Official Topic for my Stories

Post  Colton on Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:34 pm

Gee... I actually have so many stories I've written I'm just going to post my Fanfiction account address and Fictionpress account address.

Colton M. H.'s acount
Colton M. H.'s account

And if you haven't heard, I'm starting my final EEnE fanfic tonight on, E2E, my forum Planet Ed, and once The3Eds is back I'll put it there also. It'll be called "The Final Ed-Down: The Eds' Final Adventure" and will be my last fanfic ever. To quote my announcement on
Okay, guys, I have an announcement. I've been writing EEnE fanfics for nearly two years now, and I've come to have many people who love reading my stories. I am sad to be making this announcement though. I, one of the most recognized Fanfic writers at E2E, have decided to retire from writing fanfics. Barely anyone here knows me, but I want to be one of those people the next generation of EEnE fans will read stories from and go "Wow... We missed out man," afterwards. In other words, I have one final fanfic, unless something seriously changes.

My final fanfic will be "The Final Ed-Down: The Eds' Last Adventure" and will be epic. I will devote almost all my free time to it, and hopefully make it my longest, greatest, and best fanfic ever. This announcement may make many of you sad, maybe some of you will ask me to write more. All I can say is this: I am currently writing a novel, that after finishing The Final Ed-Down will become what I focus on more than anything else story-wise. After I'm done with the novel I might think about another EEnE fanfic, but chances are I won't.

I hope you all respect my decision and don't bug me about writing another fanfic. From now on I'll only write EEnE fanfics under four conditions: It's based off a plot someone wants me to make into a fanfiction, the movie gives me a lot of ideas, Someone gets a big enough petition, or I finish my novel.

Other than that, all I can say is look for The Final Ed-Down: The Eds' Last Adventure which should be up tonight with Chapter 1. I will make a sequel to the Cartoon Network Movie however, but that's going to be my last fanfic I start after the next one. The "Nintendo: The Movie" will be completed though, don't worry.


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