Taking Kevin Down (Sort of...) The Almost Official Party thread!

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Taking Kevin Down (Sort of...) The Almost Official Party thread!

Post  Genis the Swampert on Fri Aug 08, 2008 7:36 am

The official TKD party thread is here! Here is the beginning in the form of a trailer!

In the world of Taking Kevin Down, peace was restored. And our heroes went their own ways afterwards. Sure they can see eachother anytime they want to. But how about getting the whole gang together for a fun party? And plus, we could bring in more guests who want to hear the tale of Taking Kevin Down.

This is that party thread...

Kiba's Letter:

Dear *insert TKD player or companion's name here*

Hi! It's me, Kiba (or if you are reading this Colette, Kibble). I'm sure how much you guys want to see eachother again. So this letter is also an invitation to a big party I'm planning! I don't know where (please suggest something! In the world of Dreamland, Yoshi's Island, or Aselia, the name of Lloyd's world, it's up to you!). It's the perfect opportunity to meet eachother again. It's going to be so much fun! And the food's going to be good too, as most of it is cooked by none other than my half-elf friend, Genis Sage. It mayb e possible that I can get a hold of the Smash Bros company so we can fight in Smash Bros for fun! (And I'm trying to get Lloyd and Colette in the next tournament too!)

Oh, and please bring people you know! I'm sure that they'll love to hear about our journey of Taking Kevin Down. Me? I'm bringing Ness and Lucas along with others.

So please come to this upcoming party!

Hope to see you there!


There's going to be chaos:
Me: OH MY GOD!!!
Everyone: WHAT!?

Ness: Remember Lucas, flatter the customer
Zelos: Hey, what do you want?
Lucas: I love you!
Ness: I think you laid it down a bit too much

Colette: I'm just so happy to see you again Lucario!
Lucario: Me too, Colette

Wolf: You can trust me angel.
Colette: No! You're gross! I'm telling Lucario!

Many new faces:
Ness: Hi!
Lucas: How you doing?


More beatings on Zelos Wilder?
Ness: *Hits Zelos with bat and sends him flying* It's a home run!

This is that TKD Party Thread

Genis the Swampert

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Re: Taking Kevin Down (Sort of...) The Almost Official Party thread!

Post  IT'S FREAKIN' GWONAM on Wed Sep 03, 2008 4:51 pm

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