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My Back Story

Post  Black Behemoth on Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:00 pm

A Behemoth was born in the World of Balance. Later, his brother Hound Behemoth was also born. They would fight a lot, but they loved each other in a brotherly way. One day though when the Behemoth's were adults, Behemoth was in a hellhole. He had no money, no shelter, no food, no friends, no education and worst of all, no love. But suddenly, his brother Hound Behemoth invited him to his wedding in The3Eds. Behemoth went to the wedding by Air Force ship. Yet the Air Force ship he was on got struck by lighting. The pilot of the Air Force died, but Behemoth lived and became Blitz Behemoth.

Two days later, Blitz Behemoth made it to his brother's wedding. It was a really great time. While he was at the wedding he met BigEd 45 who was Hound Behemoth's owner. The two became friends and BigEd 45 managed to get Blitz Behemoth a job as a lumberjack. Blitz Behemoth was pretty good at this job and soon became the manager of "The3Eds Logging Co."

One day, BigEd 45 convinced him to go sneak into Kevin's room with some friends. So Blitz Behemoth, Nazzie, YolkaEd, BigEd 45, The Bus Driver and Scorpion looked around in Kevin's room and seen some embarrassing things that Kevin owned. Bu then in the middle of the night, Kevin woke up and started going on a rampage. Blitz Behemoth tried to kill Kevin with a handgun, but The Bus Driver smacked it out of his hands because everyone knows that The Bus Driver is an idiotic moron with no live.

Blitz Behemoth managed to hurt Kevin a lot though. First off, he smacked Kevin with a tree. Secondly, he ate Kevin and then pooped him out. Third, he ran over Kevin with a bus. Then he lit Kevin on fire with his fire breath. And lastly, he chopped Kevin's body up into pieces before it grew back. But then Kevin took Blitz Behemoth into a back ally and shot him with a handgun, thus putting Blitz Behemoth into a coma. He was in a coma for a month before he awakened next to a pig named Wilfred. Wilfred walked Blitz Behemoth to a warehouse where YolkaEd, Rolf, Nazzie, Eddy, Ed and Nazz were staying at. Blitz Behemoth then had only one thing in mind: revenge.

Hearing the news that Kevin was going to nuke the world at Peach Creek Jr. High, Blitz Behemoth decided to go kick Kevin's butt. Rolf and Eddy got on his back and then he leaped all the way to Peach Creek Jr. High. MJ turned out to be there with Kevin and he would use pixie dust based attacks on anyone trying to hurt Kevin. But Blitz Behemoth used Jimmy as a human shield to block the pixie dust and then Rolf threw a boulder at MJ which put him into a coma. Then with the assistance of Beavis & Butthead, Blitz Behemoth tied Kevin to a chair, threw him into an insane asylum and had his slave Edd deactivate he nuke.

So after that, things went well for Blitz Behemoth for about six months before Kevin broke out of his insane asylum. So Blitz Behemoth went after Kevin who now had minions. Kevin sent Lava Leviathan out to kill him, but Blitz Behemoth ended up killing Lava Leviathan. Then Kevin had Adolf Hitler send Bonecrusher out to kill Blitz Behemoth. But Blitz Behemoth had Rolf & Captain Melonhead with him at the time, so they ended up turning Bonecrusher into scrap.

Now in one of Osama bin Laden's many caves, Blitz Behemoth tripped over a rock, fill into a pit and died. His spirit then found a giant gray eagle and took over its body, and now he became H.B.B. Sam.


I'll post the rest of this later!
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