When I Found You (A TKD Oneshot about Lucario and Colette)

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When I Found You (A TKD Oneshot about Lucario and Colette)

Post  Genis the Swampert on Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:51 am

This is a oneshot fic about how Colette and Lucario became a couple during the game. It will be first told through Colette's perspective, capturing their thoughts as the game went on and will start right when my group was introduced. Now, onto Colette's perspective

When Kibble got me, Lloyd, Genis and Professor Sage to help us take down Kevin, I know this would be the chance to find the one boy I was destined to be with. I always thought it was Lloyd, byt maybe it was someone else.

I had a feeling that there were others when I rescued Smash and Olimar from falling to their deaths. After Professor Sage scared Olimar's Pikmin with her Ruin-Mode (which I found quite funny) I heard a loud roar. I thought it was a scary monster about to attack.

But that sound came from you, Lucario.

You weren't scary at all. You were just cute. You were like a dog I haven't seen before. At first I didn't know your name, so I wanted to call you "Lucky" and tried to pet you whenever I had the chance.

When Kevin infected me with that virus, I knew that you would try to help me. Well, I know that everyone will.

I was a bit saddened when I lost my ability to touch. You were so fluffy that whenever I get near you, I feel all warm inside. But I know that everyone was there to help me at my time of need.

Then when Yolk sacrificed himself to decrease Kloy's powers, I thought about this. What good am I to everyone if we can't save the people right in front of us? Why couldn't I follow my belief that no life was born for the sole purpose of dying!? Am I nothing but a burden to everyone?

When Valter, Murdock and Limstella killed themselves to harm us, I knew this could be my chance. I wanted to protect you and everyone else. But I started with you Lucario. But were were all inflited by the damage. The only one in my group that were able to withstand it were me and Lloyd. But then I saw you hurt badly. Sure you were strong enough to withstand that kind of damage, but I was very worried about you. I was worried that you would die.

I was relieved that you were okay. But he was hurt, and it was all my fault! Olimar, Smash and Kibble were at the verge of dying and that was my fault as well.

But you told me not to be. You told me that you were always alone, and I was the only person to do something that cariing for you. You also promised that you'll never leave me (Lloyd did too, but that's different). After that, I thought you were the one for me. That's why I went to the kitchen with Lloyd. I wanted to give you something. So I gave you your favorite treat, a chocolate bar (Kibble told me). I felt warm when I'm with you, so I fell asleep near you while you were asleep.

When Lloyd woke us up, I had the chance to give this treat to you. I could tell that you liked it and wanted to thank me later. And you did, when the Sunny was taking off so fast, I could fall off. But you grabbed my hand and saved me. I almost felt like I could cry.

When we got near the fountain in Florida, I wanted to come. But there were voices calling out to me to offer my prayers there. You suggested for me to stay here because you knew what was best for me. Luffy volunteered to protect me (Olimar originally did until you and Lloyd said he was chicken). When Lucci attacked us, I wanted to be useful for one. Luffy was almost dying and he needed help. So I had to cast the only spell that can help, even if it meant giving up my life. I did it not only to help Luffy, but also for you. I wanted you to live in a better world once this is over.

Genis told me that you were very concerned for me during my emotionless state. I snapped out of it when I heard you say these fateful words:

"I like Colette."

I found out now that you had felt the same way about me as I felt about you, Lucario. You said I was the only one who cared that much about you. I just know that you wer the one for me. And that was when we first kissed. It was my first kiss and I think it was yours as well. I felt like I have gone to heaven when I felt your soft lips onto mine. Sure people were watching some way but I didn't care. Now, all I wanted was to be with you Lucario.

I know it would be over soon and we would have to part ways once Kevin was taken down. I didn't want to leave.

But then I was shocked that I would have to fight you when that Alice took control of you and Meta Knight. I saw that you didn't want to kill me but Alice was making you do that. I didn't know that kissing would break you free but I gave it a shock. When it did, I knew that was was of use as well.

After Nazzie took Kevin down, I knew that we would all have to say good-bye. I didn't want to leave you yet. So I wanted to spend a lot of time with you. So we simply sat on a hill. I know you didn't want this to end because you have found me. You also said that me and Lloyd have what it takes to be in the Smash Bros Tournaments. I wanted to register me and Lloyd so that we can meet new people and so I can fight alongside you and be with you. I know I would have to go back to my home village in Iselia. But at least I gave you worlds of encouragement.

Kibble found a way for us to visit at any time. He decided to use the portals that was used when me, Lloyd and my group traveled between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. Now that the two worlds are now reunited into one world (currently, it's names Aselia, named after me, Lloyd, Genis and Professor Sage's home town), there was no use for those portals. Until Kibble thought of using them. I was so relieved and happy that I get to see you anytime I want. I know that you'll be traveling a lot. But as long as I'm with you, that's okay.

To this very day, I've been searching for you in many worlds. But I haven't found you yet. I could contact Smash, but that will be a last resort.

I wanted to find you because I wanted to be with you. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Because you mean everything to me.

I wanted to find you to tell you this:

I love you, Lucario...

-Colette Brunel

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