Taking kevin Down-Ultimate Vengence

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Taking kevin Down-Ultimate Vengence

Post  BigEd 45 on Sat Nov 01, 2008 9:54 pm

Ok,i have started the new game,this should be considered the canon sequel to Final Bout (i hope),and it will tie into a fanfic trilogy i'm writing called "Taking Kevin Down-Ultimate".Undead Kev kind of has to be non-canon since it was based off an ending that never happened,i guess.Yolk and i agreed we needed a new game and he supports this sequel,he also knows the most about both series.SmashEd has been promised a first look at the first chapter.
Prologue Post
The last game was a big fail,i don't care if it just got restarted either,i'm making this anyways.It will compltetly ignore Undead Kev,because that was another one of those games that made no sense like that talking to kevin game from last year.

(Nazzie says she won't be playing this game,i give her two weeks,three tops to break down and start playing)

Its been 5 years since the events of TKD:The final bout,and the world has been left in a horrible state.Nazzie dissapeared nearly 3 years ago,and her friends the Teen Titans,Deathstroke,and Ei-Zzan were all found slaughtered in places only the survivors of the final bout could find them.The halberd was attacked when SmashEd took it out for a test piloting after repairs,he was critically wounded but survived with help from Metaknight.Yolk ran off under mysterious circumstances,leaving his room mostly the same.Mr.Ed is apparentally still building his army with Atvar and ulysses and Black Behemoth dissapeared from the physical world to perfect his powers.The world has seeped into the darkness that Kevin and Kloy wanted to achieve,the perpetual winter has started again,and deaths keep happening.The cause was unknown for a long time,but one day,it was found out by the survivor who bonded with the stars,Kevin had returned to his cruel normal self and hidden inside the earths crust for the 5 dark years planning to take over the world that awaited him on the outside.
*Inside the earths core*
Kevin:My time is nearing.....
*behind him stand four sinister figures that are hidden in the darkness*
????:Yessssssh....itssh isssssh....
~~~~:Filthy pig,all you ever do is eat!!!
!!!!:And i still maintain a girlish figure!
~~~~:Sick monster....
^^^^:Keh keh keh.....this will be FUN,yes master?
*In a dark and desolate area with dark sand covering the whole ground a boy with silver hair looks across a cold,red sea as the snow falls around him*
Me:This isn't coco beach.....this is Hell incarnate.....
*The boy pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and dials a familliar phone number,he leaves a message*
Me:Yolk...hes back...call me when you get this.Cyao.
*The boy walks towards a shack that is falling apart with a small fire outside of it,when he passes the flames explode into an inferno,boiling over with his rage*
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