Super Smash Bros Combat: Return of the Subspace Emissary

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Super Smash Bros Combat: Return of the Subspace Emissary

Post  Genis the Swampert on Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:26 pm

Super Smash Bros Combat
Return of the Subspace Emissary
Chapter 1: Not Again…

Once upon a time, there existed a world of trophies. This was known as the Smash World.
And there existed a giant tree, the source of the land’s life.
An ancient war, however, caused the tree to wither, and a hero’s life was sacrificed in order to take its place.
Grieving over the loss, the goddess disappeared unto the heavens.
And there existed a floating island, having ancient ruins everywhere.
A great evil, however, caused this island to disappear, and the world was engulfed into subspace.
An evil was responsible for this as this evil came with this edict:
“You must surrender your hopeless lives, for if you do not, the world shall be destroyed.”
35 heroes, humans, animals and people alike, defeated this evil before the world is engulfed into its end.
All was well after that, until 2 months later.
A giant tower stands over the Smash World, reaching into the heavens above.
A new evil has arisen.
The goddess left the angels long ago with this edict:
“You must wake me, for if I shall sleep, the world shall be destroyed.”
The angels bore the Chosen of Mana and the User of Aura.
Who shall head towards the tower that reaches into the heavens above.
And that marked the beginning regeneration of the world.

“Lloyd Irving, wake up!”


There stood Lloyd Irving, sleeping standing against the wall. And right in front of him was the Princess Zelda. Growing irritated, she threw an eraser at Lloyd. The dust caused him to wake up.

“How do you manage to sleep standing?” Zelda asked as she sighed.

“Oh! Zelda! When’s my match? With Mario and Kirby?” Lloyd asked.

“About that, it’s a bout to start!” Zelda replied.

“What!?” Lloyd asked in panic.

“Mario and Kirby’s trophies are there and we need you to become one to make a grand entrance.” Zelda explained.

“Wait, I’m supposed to be a trophy?” Lloyd asked in confusion.

“Sort of. It’ll be like you’re dead, except you can be revived.” Zelda explained.

“Well that’s a re- WHAT?!” Lloyd asked.

Before she could answer any questions, Zelda used her magic to attack Lloyd and turned him into a trophy.

“Idiot…” Zelda said as she carried Lloyd’s trophy to the room where the trophies were to be launched.

A few minutes later…

In a stadium hovering above the land, there was a tournament that was happening. In the audience stands Princess Peach, who was watching the crowd excitedly. Princess Zelda was running towards the stands.

“Zelda, where have you been?” Peach asked.

“Peach, Lloyd’s an idiot.” Zelda’s response was about Lloyd.

“He didn’t like the idea of being a trophy?” Peach asked.

“Yeah. I had to turn him into one for the battle to begin.” Zelda replied.

Peach and Zelda then turned to the stadium.

“This is going to be a great battle” Peach said.

“Yeah” Zelda said “I wish Link was here but he disappeared. I wish I know where he is.”

“Don’t worry” Peach said “Link is a travelling person. You’ll find him.”

“I hope so,” Zelda said but then asked another question. “Where’s Colette?”

“She had to fly off somewhere. She said she wanted to go to Pit’s home in Angel Land to watch the battle from there.” Peach explained.

“Like two angels from the heavens.” Zelda commented.

Suddenly, a trophy stand came into the scene of the stadium. Peach smiled in joy upon seeing the trophy. That person was none other than the famous Mario. Then a huge light appeared and the trophy disappeared to see Mario got into his fighting stance. He saw Peach, smiled and waved.

“Hi, Peach!” Mario called to Peach, “This battle is for you!”

Then another trophy appeared and then glowed revealing Kirby.

“HI!!!” Kirby screamed as he waved into the crowd.

Another trophy came into the stadium and then a light brought the trophy to life. This was Lloyd Irving.

“Come on! Bring it!” Lloyd shouted as he drew his twin swords.

Mario smiled when he saw Kirby and Lloyd and they got into their stances as the announcer called out “GO!!”

Mario and Lloyd charged and got Kirby off his feet. Kirby jumped back up and lunged to kick Mario. Lloyd tried to slash at Kirby but failed. Mario shielded himself and then used his fireball to knock some damage on Kirby and Lloyd. Kirby then sucked up Lloyd and gained his powers. Lloyd jumped out and Mario starts firing out fireballs.

“Demon Fang!” Lloyd and Kirby shouted as they sent shockwaves from the ground like crazy.

Meanwhile, in somewhere else in a palace in the skies, two people were watching Mario, Lloyd and Kirby fight by looking in a small fountain. The boy’s name was Pit. The girl beside him was his fellow angel friend, Colette Brunel. The two were enjoying the fight.

“Man!” Pit smiled “Just looking at them was making me want to fight too.”

“I know. Lloyd’s really strong.” Colette smiled. “I wish I was as strong as he is.”

Mario has grabbed a beam sword and Kirby grabbed a fan. They were about to clash until Mario sliced the fan in half and sent Kirby flying out of the stadium.

“Look-a like I won” Mario smiled.

“Not quite!” Lloyd shouted as he shot a fully charged Super Scope shot at Mario. Mario was unable to counter it and he was flying out of the stadium.

The Kirby and Mario trophies fell back onto the arena. Feeling pity, Lloyd touched the trophies making it glow and brought Kirby and Mario back to life.

“Why did you just bring me back-“Mario was asking.

“I wouldn’t leave you like this.” Lloyd said.

“You have done well Kirby. You too Lloyd,” Mario said “Next time, let’s do this again, when everybody’s here.”

“OK,” Kirby said, “I like that.”

“Okay!” Lloyd said. And they shook hands.

The crowd cheers at their fight. Mario, Lloyd and Kirby waved to the crowd. But then a man shouted out: “What’s going on? The sky turned red!”

“What’s going on here?” Lloyd shouted in question.

“No… not again…” Kirby said.

Mario and Kirby looked up to see red clouds coming towards them and a huge ship heading towards them and a huge tower appeared visible in the skies. The crowd flees the scene in terror.

“It’s the Battleship Halberd!” Kirby gasped.

“And that’s the Tower of Salvation!” Lloyd gasped.

“You know that huge tower?!” Mario asked Lloyd.

“But I thought that the Halberd was destroyed by the Subspace Army.” Kirby said.

“Something tells me that the world is in danger and that tower is the only way we can save it!” Lloyd said.

Suddenly, purple darkness came from the ship and lands on the arena. Then they formed into Primids. Seeing Mario, Lloyd and Kirby needed some help, Zelda and Peach goes onto the stage.

“Peach? Zelda?” Kirby asked.

“We’re helping too” Peach said.

“Are you two crazy!?” Lloyd asked in shock at the two princesses.

“Zelda, you have no idea what’s going to happen to me if Link ever found out something bad happened to you.” Mario said.

“Don’t worry Mario. I can handle myself.” Zelda said.

The five got into battle position.

“We’ve done this before Lloyd.” Kirby pointed out.

“So how do you defeat these things?” Lloyd asked.

“How you normally defeat an opponent.” Zelda replied.

“That doesn’t sound like that’ll help, but I’ll try it! Demon Fang!” Lloyd shouted as he sent three shockwaves from the ground and sent them forward, all hitting the Primids and defeating them.

But a wave of the Subspace Army kept coming.

“We’re gonna have to divide and conquer.” Zelda explained.

So the five had gone off to different parts of the Subspace Army. Peach took care some of the army from a distance, plucking and throwing vegetables at them. Zelda attacked from a distance as well using Din’s Fire. When some tried to shoot her, Zedla used Nayru’s Love to deflect the lasers back at them. Kirby took care of the ones in the air since he could fly. He had used his hammer to whack the army with it. Mario and Lloyd decided to team up and a fury of punches, kicks and slashes were at the scene as they were slaughtering the Subspace Army.

“That was a close one.” Peach said.

Suddenly, someone in a green robe was hovering above them. He has red eyes, which is clearly seen since he is hooded. And he’s quite small.

“ROB?” Zelda asked in shock. “Why are you doing this again? I thought you were freed of the Subspace Army’s control!”

The robed ROB didn’t respond.

“Something’s not right! His eyes are red!” Kirby said.

“He’s being mind controlled!” Lloyd said.

“Wait, how do you know that?” Peach asked.

“ROB helped you guys and I know he wouldn’t want the world to be destroyed. But I bet someone’s controlling him to do such a thing.” Lloyd explained.

He sends some ROBs down on the arena with a sphere. They grabbed each side and pulled it open. Inside was a timer with starts at 3:00. Then the creature flew away. Mario noticed what the timer is for.

“It’s a Subspace Bomb!” he gasped, “We can’t stop it!”

“Dwarven Vow #16. You can do anything if you try!” Lloyd explained.

“Lloyd, I don’t think those Dwarven Vows of yours apply here!” Zelda said.

“Kirby, Mario, try and get Peach and Zelda out of here. I’ll try to stop the bomb!” Lloyd commanded as he darted towards the bomb.

“LLOYD, NO!” Peach called.

“I’ll try to stop them!” Mario shouted as he ran after Lloyd.

“MARIO, NO!” Peach called.

But before Lloyd could get to it, a crash was heard and they all turned around to see dust. Then a cannonball shot out and hit Lloyd sending him flying into the sky and disappeared. Mario was hit by a cannonball as well and was sent flying in a different direction,

“LLOYD! MARIO!” Kirby ran to help the two until he heard some screams. He turned around to see Petey Piranha. And he holds cages, with Peach and Zelda in either one. “Oh no! PEACH! ZELDA!”

“Just like before. You can only choose one princess.” Petey said “Choose and try to defeat me. If you dare!”

“Darn it!” Kirby said, “I defeated you before you oversized turnip and I’ll beat you again!”

Petey used the cages as weapons but Kirby leapt over them and attack the cages, trying to break either Peach or Zelda out. After a long battle, Kirby broke Zelda’s cage and Petey was exploding. Kirby and Zelda leapt out of the explosion and landed on their feet.

“Thanks, Kirby.” Zelda said “But where’s Peach?”

Kirby saw Peach’s cage on the ground and she crawled out.

“There she is.” Kirby said “Let’s help out”.

But before they could get to her, someone appeared in front of them, a person they knew too well.

“Wario? You’re working for the Subspace Army again?” asked Zelda.

“What gave that away? This?” Wario holds up a huge gun in front of them facing Zelda and Kirby. “This is a Dark Cannon. To turn people to trophies, remember?”

“I thought those were destroyed!” Zelda said.

Wario’s eyes turned to Peach, who is getting up. “Perhaps a demonstration is in order.”

He pointed the huge gun at Peach powering up. Zelda and Kirby notice it.

“PEACH!! LOOK OUT!!” Zelda called.

“Huh?” Peach looked up but Wario fired a black arrow from his gun which hit Peach directly. Zelda and Kirby gasped as Peach was turned into a trophy and Wario grabbed her.

“GIVE HER BACK!” Kirby snapped.

“Sorry but I got other things to do now. Bye-bye for now!” And Wario took off taking the gun and Peach with him.

“We got to go after them.” Zelda said.

“But Zelda, the bomb!” Kirby said pointing as the countdown on the bomb was nearly up. “We take my warp star and get out of here. Let’s go!”

They got onto it and managed to escape as the bomb hit 00:00:00. Then a dark orb engulfed the whole arena. Zelda and Kirby watched in horror as they quietly flew away.

“This is just like before. We have to go after the Halberd!” Kirby said “My guess that Wario took Peach there!”

“What about that Tower of Salvation that Lloyd spoke of?” Zelda asked.

“We’ll check that out later. But I need to know how to find it first.” Kirby said.

“Kirby, that tower if tall to literally reach into the skies. It’s not that hard.” Zelda replied.

In the palace in the sky, Pit and Colette watched in shock as he watched the black orb on the arena.

“Oh no… not again!” Pit said in shock.

“Oh no! How horrible!” Colette said in shock.

A glow of light appeared behind him. Pit and Colette turned around to see Palutena behind them.

“Pit, the world is in great danger. Did you see that giant orb?”

“I just can’t believe it’s happening again.” Pit replied.

“What’s happening?” Colette ask

“That was a Subspace Bomb explosion. There an evil team called Subspace Army which threatens the world. And lately Wario and 3 other villains named Bowser, Mewtwo and Ganondorf are working for them.” Palutena explained to Colette.

“So what do we do?” Pit asked.

Palutena handed him a double golden blades which can be fixed into a bow and given golden arrows.

“Go down there and help Mario and the others defeat them.” Palutena said “I’m counting on you, Pit.”

Pit smiled. “I promise I won’t fail!”

He climbed up the stairs, turned to Palutena.

“I also forgot one last thing.” Palutena said.

“Yes?” Pit asked.

“The Subspace Army is after two people. The Guardian of Aura and the Chosen of Mana.” Palutena explained.

Colette gasped in shock. Why would the Subspace Army be after her?

“But why?” Colette asked.

“I do not know.” Another voice said.

That voice belonged to another goddess in a green robe with green hair. She was the Goddess Martel, or the Spirit of Mana. We’ll just simply call her Martel.

“Martel! What are you doing here?” Colette asked.

“Chosen one, I had to warn Palutena on the impending doom that awaits you and the Guardian of Aura.” Martel explained.

“Wait, who is this user of Aura?” Pit asked.

“Oh that’s easy! Lucario!” Colette replied. “But why would the Subspace Army be after me and Lucario?”

“That I do not know.” Martel said.

“Pit, Martel and I trust that you keep the Chosen and the Aura User from harm at all costs.” Palutena said.

“A Tower of Salvation has appeared. Find the User of Aura and combine the Chosen’s Angelic Powers with the Aura.” Martel explained.

“I promise we won’t fail!” Pit said.

“We can do this, Pit!” Colette said.

Colette caught up with Pit and turned to the two goddesses. The door opens behind the two angels. Pit and Colette smiled, they close their eyes and they fall back. They fell through the clouds and then Pit spread his wings and Colette made her angel wings appear and the two flew through the skies.

Author’s notes:
Yeah I haven’t had the full roster but I wanted to start the Subspace Emissary anyway. So in this, there will be more drama, comedy, romance, and all that other stuff in this fic of the Subspace Emissary. As for characters who haven’t shown up in the actual fic yet and I came up with them, I will make their profile as well (the characers thet you didn’t submit are indicated by a *)
And now I will reveal the Combat roster although this is not the complete roster but here are some characters confirmed to be in my SSB fanfics. I have yet to add more.

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Re: Super Smash Bros Combat: Return of the Subspace Emissary

Post  Genis the Swampert on Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:28 pm

Roster so far organized by series (contains characters not in actual story yet):

Mario series:
Bowser Jr.*

Donkey Kong series:
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong*
King K. Rool*

Legend of Zelda:
Toon Link

Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus


Kirby series:
Meta Knight
King DeDeDe

Star Fox:
Fox McCloud
Falco Lombardi
Wolf O’Donnel

Pokemon Trainer Red (Squrtle, Ivysaur and Charizard)
Pokemon Trainer Brendan (Sceptile, Blaziken and Swampert)

Captain Falcon

Earthbound (Mother):

Fire Emblem:


Game and Watch:
Mr. Game and Watch

Ice Climber:
Ice Climbers


Kat and Ana*

Kid Icarus:

Metal Gear:
Solid Snake

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Metal Sonic

Simon Belmont

Megaman series:

Kingdom Hearts:

Jimmy Hopkins

Tales of Series:
Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)
Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia)
Senel Coolidge (Tales of Legendia)*
Chloe Valens (Tales of Legendia)*
Luke Fon Fabre (Tales of the Abyss)*
Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss)*
Anise Tatlin (Tales of the Abyss)*

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Re: Super Smash Bros Combat: Return of the Subspace Emissary

Post  Colton on Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:23 pm

Looks good so far. I have one question though; in your other Super Smash Bros. fanfic, it has something called the "Smash Mansion". what is the "Smash Mansion"?

Anyways, this looks good so far. Can't wait for more.


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Re: Super Smash Bros Combat: Return of the Subspace Emissary

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