Private momments (Pg13+ Racy momments might occur)

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Private momments (Pg13+ Racy momments might occur)

Post  nazzie on Sat Jun 07, 2008 1:47 pm

This thread Isn't really a story.. It's just momments I have created for Kevin and Nazzie that happen... Racy momments might happen later!.
[ Game time frame - Taking Kevin down
setting- Wherehouse 2nd capture]

Nazzie wiggled the ropes and starts to get free. she then hears Kevin coughing badly. She fallowed the sound up stairs to a room.

Nazzie: Kevin?


Nazzie: I can escape on my own!

She studied him for a moment.

Nazzie: All this running around has worn you down! You look pale

She steps closer . Kevin glares at her!

Kevin: I CAN TAKE CARE OF MY SELF! I always have! *Cough Cough* *Cough cough cough cough*

Nazzie: That sounds bad!

Kevin leaned against the wall. She then saw a chance and feels him!

Kevin*Pulling away*: DON"T TOUCH ME!

Me: You're burning up! Let me...

Kevin: NO! I don't need any help! I just want that stuff back! NOW!

Me: NO! ... look you are sick!

Kevin: Don't try to fool me nazzie! i'M NOT FALLING FOR ANYTHING!

Kevin tries to take a step but lost his balance. Nazzie Caught him. She sees the bed that he made out of a sleeping bag and lays him down.

Nazzie: Your burnning up!

He tries to fight her but, cant. She then wents and found a bathroom wets some rags that are around and rushed back.

Kevin*weakly*: Stop

Nazzie: NO! You are sick!

Kevin then looked at her. She then took his shirt off to cool him. Momments later he begins to shiver.

Kevin: I'm FREEZING!

Nazzie: You have a fever! You need rest!

Kevin: Why?

Nazzie: Your still human. Now, rest.

With no objection kevin laid down. Through out the night Nazzie kept visual . Kevin had a restless sleep. He woke up and threw up a few times! Nazzie tried as much as she could comfort him.

Nazzie*Thinking*: I could escape. But, he needs attention .... Man this smells!

Kevin: Binki!

Nazzie: what?

Kevin: Binki! I want!

He pointed to a bag. He started to get up. Nazzie then raced over to the bag. She pulled out everything showing him each item. Finally pulling out a old torn up blanket. Kevin Yelled out "Binki" Nazzie turned her heaed away and giggled. She then gave it to Kevin.

Nazzie: You probbaly need to change your shirt!

Kevin : NO!

He then laid back down and went to sleep. A few hours later ... he woke up. He then saw Nazzie fast a sleep.

Kevin: She took care of me!

He then felt woozy again!

Kevin*Groan*: Nazzie!

Nazzie*Jolting awake*: You're awake ... oh hold on.

She then raced and got a bucket. At the last second she handed it to him. Minutes later he stared at her. He didn't know what was going on. HGis anger that he had always felt was fading. He then saw his shirt.

Kevin: You left me like this!

Nazzie: Well, you were sleeping! look, do you want to change!

Kevin: My sweats!

Nazzie threw his sweats at him and stormed out. Kevin got change. He then saw his "Binki" picking it up. he wounder how she found it. Feeling weak he colapsed. Nazzie then walked back in.

Nazzie: Don't try anything!

Kevin just laid there! He then looked up at Nazzie!

Kevin*Whispered*: Why are you doing this?

Nazzie: I'm not cold hearted!

She then sat down by him. He looked at her and wondered why she was doing this. She then sighed and helped him back in to his sleeping bag. He woke up hours later. feeling a bit better.

Nazzie: Hi!

She then felt his for head.

Nazzie: Your temp is gone. Feeling better?

Kevin: Why are you doing this?!

Nazzie: Well, I... Have nothing else to do.

The two stare at one another. Kevin then started to feel something. He had never been cared for before. His mom mostly ignored him, out of fear. He ten looked at Nazzie! His hatred for her was dying.

Nazzie: Are you ok?

Kevin nodded . Nazzie scooted closer . She then try to hug him but, He pushed her down.


Nazzie: NO !


Nazzie: Fool you..Wait you never gotten a hug.

Kevin: A what?

Nazzie: A hug!

Kevin: NO And I don't intend to!

Nazzie: Wait! You're telling me you have never got a hug.

Kevin: YES!! And I'm not going to ! You not going to attack me!

Nazzie: Ok Whoa! A hug is a good thing! I'm not attacking you!

Kevin gave Nazzie a puzzled look! She then stepped closer.

Me: Can I so you? It won't hurt.

The two stepped closer. Nazzie reach her arms out and wrapped them around Kevin. He stood there frozen. He then moved his arms and but them around her.

Nazzie: See, It wont hurt!

Kevin then squeezed tighter. He didn't want to let go.

NazziE: Kevin, can you let go,..... KEVIN!

Kevin: NO! I.... Never.... No..... I don't want to...

Nazzie: Please!

Kevin: This is my first hug! NO!

They soon herd commotion down stairs. Kevin then let go and rushed out of the room...

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