Kevins step family

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Kevins step family

Post  BigEd 45 on Mon May 26, 2008 3:03 pm

In the TKD multi-verse Kevin's mother and father died in a car crash,leaveing him up for adoption,Kevin was adopted by non other than the Kanker family,where he developed what he though was love.He developed a crush on his step sister Lee,which only made his mind start to crumble,at some pointin his life he was used as a liveing sex toy for his family,as if he were just an object.The sisters would us ehim the most.He eventually lost it and ran away from home,he couldent live with them anymore,then was adopted by his parents from the normal EEnE continuity.He would one day be reunited with his sisters,only to try and kill them.In the alternate TKD continuity "Kevin The Antichrist" Kevin would probally have put there heads on pikes for the world to see
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