Kevin's crush on Nazzzie

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Kevin's crush on Nazzzie

Post  nazzie on Sun May 25, 2008 1:12 pm

Is Kevin's Love For Nazzie real or is it a power Play?

In my opion , it started out as a basic interest until the night that he became sick, During this time, he was fully aware of her being there since she was his prison and see had nothing else better to do. It also was do to the fact that he recieved his first "real" hug. (I'll explain in the fan fic). During the time that he was at the psychological center, he thought about the people who "did him in". As he started to plot an escape and his revenge, Nazzie popped back in to his mind. , He soon became consumed with her wanting to be with her at every waking momment, this drove him into further madness. He then added plans to capturing her, after going on line, when he had successfully made the center to believe that he had improved a little, he got internet access. He then started to research. His topics included , Emo (Since he hadn't beed a "full fledge" emo) world destruction and every now and then , the eds and others. While he did research, he met Slade,the two quickly became friends and shared ideas,Plans and thoughts. Kevin has expressed his most inement details to slade. Slade then shared the concept of brain washinng. Thus the idea was born.

Once he had escaped with his plans. He hid in the caves of peach creek , which were connected to the bomb shelter. It is also where Kevin use to hide and be "emo self" So he Knew the way of the caves. He lived in the caves for months surviving on dog food since it was the only food he could get and he believed that human food was tainted. His mind soon became over whelmed by Nazzie, He had become obsessed with her. After building a brain washing contraption , he set out top trapped his beloved.... Once he had succeed in doing this he started the treatment! She was mostly in a vegetated state during this time. So, Kevin could snuggle her when ever he wanted! He then set out on becoming a true emo and his plans on world destruction... Yet, he was inturped by Nazzie's friends. They soon rescued her and the chase began. Unfortunetly , Nazzie was half brain washed. Soon Kevin once again and the brain washing was "Complete" Yet some how ,She fought back. Soon she was rescued again. By this time Kevin, Now a full emo. Decided that the world would end either way. He sent off a bomb destoring all life form. , but, it back fire when everyone was in the caves. He then attempted to end his own life. But, Nazzie some how found feeling for him and pulled him back in. He soon became sick. The end was near, so the thought. The radiation began changing Kevin . He then found a new strenghth to get rid of everyone else except Nazzie. He then felt a over whelming amout of rage. He then mutated.

Ok.. I'll finish later

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