The totally awesome backstory of Mr. Ed in the next game!!

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The totally awesome backstory of Mr. Ed in the next game!!

Post  Colton on Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:15 pm

Just like the other back story things on what I've been doing before the new game. I know exactly what I've been doing!

Mr. Ed, full name Colton Heinry Ed, had been remembering his past adventure fighting Kevin, and how he now realized what he really had wanted to do was join Kevin, but he never was able to ask because it didn't occur to him until now, when he sipped a nice, hot cup of tea and read a nice book entitled "Being a Major Villain: Dos and Don'ts". For nearly as long as it's been since the last game in the next one's time line, had been working on his plans in advanced quantum physics to find a way to create a device able to allow him to traverse space-time and leave a lot of Twinkie wrappers all over the place.

Then during advanced psychology, he realized his desire was to join Kevin and be evil. Why? He didn't know, but he did know that it sounded fun to be evil. Why? He didn't know that either. He then began extensive training with Adam West on acting evil, and Dr. No recommended his best-seller "Being a Major Villain: Dos and Don'ts". That's when he realized if he wanted to be a major villain with Kevin, he'd have to make up a really sad back story that made him emo, hippie, pessimistic, optimistic, clever, and every other cliche villain. That sounded REALLY HARD though, so he decided to not make up a story, but instead by a back story from the Eds.

Then he set out on his quest to find Kevin, with the back story that he never had buttered toast while a kid as his emo/pessimistic back story, but that he had gravy as his optimistic/clever back story. But Kevin was hard to find, so he decided to find Kevin later, and began to put up a front.

He claimed to be on Nazzie's side to her friends, but in truth he was waiting for Kevin so he could join Kevin in a daring move he called "The Switch!" and only Plank knew, but he's not talking to anyone but Johnny for a while.

So now he is where the others are, merely waiting for the time to strike and turn evil...

I know that sounds like I just made up stuff as I went. I did. I hope it works with the story line behind the new game. I want to be able to have that as my back story, 'cos it's really weird and far out like me and the game. If it doesn't work I have a different back story though.


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