The Space Outlaws: Stuck on the Junkyard Planet

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The Space Outlaws: Stuck on the Junkyard Planet

Post  Muji on Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:34 pm

Hello. I'm here saying that this is my first REAL fan fic. (I have a secound one, but it's dumb.) This story has been beta read by Colton, so give him some credit.
The Space Outlaws: Stuck on the Junkyard Planet

“The Rebellion group the, Space Outlaws, are fighting against the evil lord K’vlan to evacuate and free form his rule, a binary solar system’s people, with one dwarf star and two stars that are going to go super nova and collapse into a black hole,” Said a news woman “And here the forces of K’vlan come,” The screen zooms in onto a T.V. which shows on one side ships are staying around a planet and on the other side ships are coming out of a warp hole. “The battle has started now. Now on to you Dallas,”
“Thank you Ja-,”

The screen is dark and we zoom out to see a hand with a remote. “Well gentlemen the battle has started,” Said a medium sized boy with a hat on his head and wearing strange armor.

“Right you are- as always Edward,” Said a boy with three hairs, the smallest of the group, and with the strange armor also.

And the boy named Edward just replied, “Yep. E’adiar, you will operate the weapons systems,”

“WEAPONS!” Replied the tallest boy with a green jacket, but as all the others he had the strange armor so no one could see his jacket.

“Glad to make you happy as always E’adiar,” And then there was a beeping and a red light near where Edward was sitting. “Eddie, we have a transmission. Do you want me to reply?”


A T.V. turned on and a bug like creature, with 4 to 6 arms, one pair of legs, a shelled back, mandibles, two antennas sticking out of its head, and yellow eyes, came on the screen. “Where is the general!?!” Demanded the bug- which was called a Slyloneon.

“Why do you ask?” Asked Eddie, who was starting to grin on his own joke.

“To start the battle, STUPID,” Shouted the Slyloneon, Everything was quiet. Why? Eddie didn’t like being called anything bad.

“So I’m stupid huh? Then I wouldn’t know anything. DUH FA GA” Edward and E’adiar were laughing at the joke that Eddie was making who, was now hitting himself.

The Slylone turned to Edward with a sigh, “You seem the smart one tell me where the general is or his transmission code!”

“Na hah uh first say please”

The Slylone turned to E’adiar “I can’t believe I have to ask you E’adiar, the dumb one, but WHERE THE HECK IS THE GENERAL?!” Everybody was quiet, not because he said the dumb one, but because he knew his name.

E’adiar broke the silence by shouting “GO BACK TO THE EVIL PIT OF HADES FROM WHICH YOU CAME FROM!”

“E’adiar I can’t believe that you know Hades from Greek times!” Exclaimed Edward, E’adiar just smiled.

“The test which you went into the Space Outlaw academy data base and switched yours and my test name and the tea-”

Edward cut in and said “Please don’t talk about that”. E’adiar just sat there looking dumbfounded.

“Umm what were we talking about?”

There was another beeping and Edward started looking worried “Look alive men!” Eddie just demanded.

“Who i-” Edward turned on the transmission and a person was there.

All the Eds said in fear “Hello general sir!” And they hit there right arm to their heart.

“I trust that you guys are OK? And what is that Slylone there?”

Eddie replied “He wanted to talk to you to start the battle”

“OK you guys just turn off the transmission”

“YES SIR YES,” The three Eds said as Edward turned off the transmission.

“So guys what are you going to do this Ne-” As Eddie got interrupted by another beeping. “WHAT NOW!” As Edward turned on the transmission signal it was a boy with blue hair and the strange armor E’adiar replied happily “Hi Rolt! How are you doing?”

The boy named Rolt just smiled and said “Rolt is good, good of course. Rolt called you because Rolt wants to know what you guys were doing.”

“Just talking about what are we going to do when we’re back home.” Replied Eddy.

“Join in,” Said Edward.

“Rolt will. I’m just going to tend to my farm at home, Trelgore, may Trelgorea bless the planet with good crops for the good boys and girls with Yeshmiyek who cooks the meat for good boys and girls. Eddie Ed boy what about you? ”

“Well I’m going to hang out with my cool Space Outlaw older brother who may I say is a legend and you E’adiar?” Eddie said, ending with a question for E’adiar.

“I’m going to hang out with my baby sister and her friend. Your turn, Edward!” E’adiar exclaimed.

“I’m going to stay with E’adiar since I have no parents” There was a silence for their dead parents- yes, their parents were dead. Edward stayed with E’adiar, his baby sister, and also E’adiar’s baby sister’s friend. Eddie stayed with his older brother, and Rolt with his Nana and Nano

“Rolt wishes you good luck in the battle which is starting” On the camera ships were starting to move.

“Good luck, Rolt, too. Guys get moving that ship is going to shoot torpedoes”

--Later on--

“Status report,” Eddie yelled as the ship began to shake.

“Shields are 57%, Oil 60%, Ship’s hull 47% E’ADIAR SHOOT THAT SHIP! Solar panel generating at 90% now 30%! They got shot! Water Turbines 40% there are leaking. E’adiar ,have you shot down that ship?”

And the ship started to shake. “Almost! Steady! Steady! I can’t- the lasers keep missing! ” E’adair said.

Then some lasers shot through the ship that was attacking them. “It’s Rolt” E’adair said. Rolt came up on the T.V. “Ed boys get out of there! That’s a leacher ship!”

Edward said, “It’s on us. Me and E’adiar will take care of this. Eddie take on the weapons system and everything, like they said at the academy a stopped ship is a ship in trouble.”

“Rolt will take off this, JUST GO!”

--In the ship--

“E’adair, their here behind this door, so get your weapons ready.”

Let’s just pause right there and I’ll explain the Space Outlaw armor for E’adiar and Edward. I’ll explain E’adiar first.

He has dark green armor, with red and white lines on the back. Has knifes on both of his wrist totaling 6 in all, a state of the art plasma gun that can change to get bullets and far better then the other plasma guns, a sword that changes from red to yellow to blue, a grenade launcher, or a bomb launcher on his back, a jetpack (Also covers a shield generator) on his back, and his most prized possession, a machine gun that can take rockets.

Edward has dark blue armor with orange and red stripes on the front of his back. Like E’adair he has knifes on both of his wrist, but one is curved on his left hand, and two are curved on his other, a plasma gun, a boring one, not like E’adiars, Edward also had a sword that changed from red to yellow to blue, but faster, and more powerful, (Would be devastating if you had electric powers which I’ll explain later) a jetpack like E’adairs also covering a shield generator, and his most prized possession (before his sword) a very sharp knife which can also take electric power.

Edward and E’adiar had there weapons out. The door opened and out came 12 Slyloneone soldiers and 6 Loneons (Which are a pet like wolfs and loins together) and the fighting began. Edward had to take on 6 Slyoneones and 3 Loneons. As did E’adiar.

Edward shot out two Slylones and then got jumped by a Loneone. E’adair wasn’t fairing so well even though he killed one Slylone and one Loneon, he got a black eye, and Slylones were trying to shoot him, but they went on the armor or missed.

Edward was about to be eaten by Loneon when E’adiar got hit by one of the Slylone rockets and slammed into the Loneon and hit a wall killing it. “E’ADAIR!” Shouted Edward. There was one Loneon about to pounce on E’adiar when Edward just kicked it and threw a knife on to it kill.

“E’adiar are you OK? We need to get out of here” Edward was starting to panic now.

“Edward don’t worry we’ll defeat them” E’adiar said weakly “Be careful!” Said E’adiar, shooting a Loneon.

The real battle was starting now. The last three Loneons were circling them ready to jump on them and eat them and Slylone pointing there guns at them “Give up your ship! And live!”

“Never,” Said E’adiar as Edward took out a sword that was glowing red to yellow to blue and started all over again. A Loneon jumped on them or tried to and got slashed by Edwards’s sword with electricity coming out now.


“… Boy that guy has problems” E’adiar said. All the Slylones and Loneons were running after them, the last two Loneons ran after Edward and they got to him before he could do a thing and held on to his arms and he was getting his back and front hit by two Slylones.

The rest were attacking E’adiar, but however he was fairing much better. He landed a punch on a Slylone and kicked another in the stomach, but one hit him in the back and fell to the ground. E’adiar was about to get up when all of them jumped on him like football players tackling another player and all of them jumping and hitting him.

Things were not looking too good, Edward was looking like his arms were going to get ripped off, and E’adiar was getting punched by Slylones, until one Slylone got shot and screamed out in pain. Everybody looked at a shadowed figure that then appeared in their view.

“Rolt will save you Ed boys! “ Yelled Rolt who leapt out, revealing himself as the shadowed figure.

Let’s pause again for Rolt’s armor. He has dark blue armor with yellow and red stripes on his sides of his armor. His weapons are normal, but his defense, is the best, stronger armor then the ordinary, a powerful shield generator also covered by his jetpack. And one more thing, he has blue like bat wings that could lift him up in seconds and make him fly or glide like you can’t imagine.

Three Slylones got off E’adiar and ran after Rolt who looked he could take them all. E’adiar saw this as a chance to get up and help Edward. E’adiar soon came and jumped on a Loneon and was wrestling him to the ground. Edward saw this as a chance to punch the guy in front of him. He swung a punch on the Slylone then punched him again and again until his face messed up. Then for the last timed Edward landed a last punch on the Slylone and fell onto the Loneon. And yep the guy behind him was still hitting, as the Loneon got off the now dead Slylone, he charge onto Edward, Edward just sidesteped the Loneon, which was going to bite Edward, just bit into the Slylone which I would have to tell you there was screams and… I wouldn’t want to tell you all what happened so just imagine shadows on the wall with things coming out. Edward stuck a knife in the Loneons neck, making it unable to breath. Edward ran to help E’adiar.

E’adiar had to take out three Slylones and all the Loneons were dead (Yes E’adiar killed that Loneon) and Rolt just had to take out three. Edward grabbed one and pushed him to the wall, holding a gun on his head, while E’adiar hit two of them one going though the wall and getting killed, the other was lucky and landed beside the hole and lived. “Come on E’adiar that’s the fourth time that happened this week!” Edward yelled out in anger and shot the Slylone making it go limp.

Edward and E’adiar forgot about the Slylone and were watching Rolt fight the last three Slylones. Edward and E’adiar were going to help Rolt, but Rolt made a hand sign telling them to stop so they did. E’adiar accidently stepped on the hurt Slylone killing it (Yes those are one of the weakest creatures ever.) and said, “Oh, sorry”

Rolt didn’t even get one scratch and had killed one. One tried to hit him in the head with a blaster, but before he could even blast Rolt, Rolt took the gun and blasted him, now it was one on one. The Slyloneons legs were shacking in fear. “Leave me alone please!” The Slyloneon whispered in fear.

“Then leave us alone too” Rolt whispered back has he shot him.

“Bravo Rolt, but just asking how did you get here and what about your ship?” Edward asked

“The ship’s on auto pilot and I got in though the teleporter.” Rolt answered.

“Ah… Now let’s get on that leacher ship and send it onto self destruct mode to the enemy mother ship and get our shields back online” Edward said as they went in to the room that the Slylones came form.

--In the enemys ship--

“We’re inside guys” E’adiar said as he fell down a hole the ceiling.

“Well, you guys follow me I know were the control room is.” Edward said quickly as he and the others went down a dimly lit hall way. Soon they went to a door and it made a whoosh sound you would hear in space movies and were in the control room.

Edward ran to a panel that had a screen that said “five ships leached”, and how much resources it stole. “I can reverse the leacher ship to be a giver ship to revive our ships shields,” Edward said, explaining what he could do. “And other things then I can make it on auto pilot, send it to your ship Rolt to do the same thing, then make it go self destruct mode. So let’s do this!”

After a few seconds of beeping there was a shacking and Edward said “The ship is going and we need to do the same thing quick!” Then they ran.

--The ships control room--

“Score 11 the Space Outlaws a big fat zero for K’vlans army” Eddie yelled. A door opened and came in Edward and E’adiar. “So guys how did it go?” Eddie asked.

“It was great Eddie! Rolt was there, and there was action, and- and- and- and,” E’adiar answered.

“Whoa hold up! Rolt was there? How? Oh, the teleporters,” Eddie turned to Edward, who nodded yes.

“Also the Leacher ship is going to go to the enemy mother ship and it’ll explode making a hole so then we, the Space Outlaws, can go in and destroy that ship from the inside,” Edward included.

Just then there was a transmission from the Slylone general. “What do you want,” Eddie dammed.

“Oh something I want to tell you ha, ha… hm. Let’s start,” The Slyloneone leader was speaking in a harsher tone “FIRST your comrades will die- that you may not know- SECOUND I’ll kill the blue haired one, LAST I’ll kill you! HAHA! Thank you,” The Slyloneone leader ended the transmission.

The group was stunned for a moment, “Eddie and E’adiar do you guys want to watch the ship crashing in to the mother ship?” Edward asked.

“Um… yeah…” replied Eddie and E’adiar still look at the screen because of what the leader had just said.

--Later on--

“ROLT! NOT YOU!” The three Eds yelled. What had happened? Oh Rolts ship got destroyed by a torpedo, still intact, and was crashing into the junkyard planet, the planet that no one lived on. Then that’s when it started. There was a shaking and there was a red light on and an alarm.

“EDDIE! We’re going to be destroyed if we don’t get to a healer station,” Edward said quickly.

“GET US THERE! QUICK!” Eddie yelled.

“Guys I’m scared,” E’adiar whimpered almost.

Outside a torpedo had hit the back of the ship making it spin out of control and into the junkyard planet. “AAAAHHH,” Yelled all the Eds and the last thing they saw before being knocked out was the time 12:00…

Yes, I know using Kevin as a enemy is over used, so sorry for that. Also if you want you can join this story. It will be a enemy robot also... (Yes a robot)
What weapons it has or how does it fight:
How did it get on the planet(Optional):


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